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Child Education Support Program

An initiative by Dream a Difference to provide for and support underprivileged children in education aid /nutritious meal/medical support

Aditya Sharma was performing quite well during his primary education and continued to do so till he completed 10th standard. His passion and curiosity to learn persuaded his family to go for further education. However, post completion of 10th standard, he was compelled to sit at home for two months since the family did not have the tuition fee to pay to the school.

One of the major problems in our society for lower income families is their inability to support / provide for their children’s education. Due to this, many talented children like Aditya, who otherwise have an assured bright future, are unable to explore vast opportunities available for our youth.

Dream a Difference has taken a pledge to support this cause and got Aditya admitted into the school. After enrolling in 11th standard, Aditya has continued getting very good grades in the class and has also expanded his horizon by playing state level in Volley ball. He is now scheduled to go to National level and is expecting an even better performance in 12th standard.

Dream a Difference wishes him all the best for his future endeavors & will continue to support him and all such students.


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