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Children from slum localities in India find themselves with very limited resources to support their education. To address a part of this problem, Hyve India Private Limited, a leader in exhibitions and conferences, joined hands with Dream a Difference NGO as part of their CSR initiative to help provide notebooks and pens to underprivileged children. The initiative called as “Recycle for Education” utilized recycled papers to produce thousands of notebooks and pens which were then distributed, thereby also contributing to environmental sustainability.

The initiative started with an extensive collection drive across the National Capital Region of Delhi, inviting and encouraging the resident urban population to donate their household waste paper like newspapers, magazines, old books, cardboard, corrugated packaging, print waste, etc. Collection kiosks were set up at multiple locations and the initiative received an overwhelming response with a large number of people donating their paper waste for this noble cause.

Collections from the campaign were then brought together to a warehouse, where this paper waste was sorted, categorized and subsequently sent to a warehouse for preparing rolls of recycled paper, which was then utilized to produce 20,000 notebooks and 10,000 eco-friendly plant-able seed pens. These were distributed to children at slum localities in Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh via orphanages and child-care partners. Children were encouraged to sow the pens after use and nurture them to witness the growth of the seeds into plants.

The initiative has saved approximately 700 trees, 1 million liters of water, 140 cubic meters of landfill space and prevented environment from 30,000 kg of carbon emissions.

Statistics on the distributed items, total beneficiaries and area targeted:

  • Targeted study centers and orphanages: Eleven (11)

  • Targeted beneficiaries: One thousand (1,000)

  • Total production from recycled papers: Twenty thousand (20,000) notebooks and Ten thousand (10,000) pens

  • Distribution per beneficiary: One (1) kit had Twenty (20) notebooks and Ten (10) pens

Impact of CSR Activity on Community and Environment:

  • Saved over 700 trees, equivalent to 1.6 lakh kW-H of energy

  • Saved 1 million liters of water

  • Saved 140 cubic meters of landfill space

  • Prevented 30,000 kgs of CO2 emissions

  • 1000+ students supported for annual stationery requirement

  • Eco-friendly Notebooks and Pens made from recycled papers

  • Seed Pens that turn into a sapling when sown

‘Dream A Difference’ has been acting as the constant support system for children from financially challenged families.

In continuation of this goal, we rendered a helping hand again to Sangeeta, a bright child hailing from a distressed family who found herself unable to pay her school fees. Sangeeta was on the verge of leaving the school and started to work as domestic help. This initiative of Dream A Difference helped her and her family to wipe out their worries and led her to focus on her studies.

Dream A Difference is dedicated towards cementing the path of these children who have a promising future but often get pulled down by the monetary crisis.

A continuing commitment of Dream a Difference to support the education of the under-privileged

Aditya Sharma is a bright student who has performed quite well in academics and sports. After clearing 10th standard, he suffered a temporary setback since his family was finding it difficult to meet the tuition fees for 11th Standard. In its continuing pledge to support education, Dream a Difference had relieved him and his family by providing support for his tuition fees.

However, upon clearing his 11th standard, it was a roadblock again for them to move ahead with his higher education. Realizing this, Dream a Difference again stepped forward to assist Aditya for the tuition fees to enroll into the 12th standard.

However, in continuing his thrives towards higher education and a successful career, Aditya again encountered the same financial challenge when it came time for his admission in college for graduation. And this time also he found Dream a Difference standing beside him, rendering a constant support that makes his strain go away. Aditya has now got admitted in Sri Aurobindo College under Delhi University with B. A. (Hons.) English, after achieving First Division in his 12th Standard. Dream A Difference believes that Aditya will persist to surmount all the hurdles coming through and go on with his success stories.

Dream a Difference hopes that Aditya gets to explore various opportunities and utilizes his talents to the fullest.

Wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors.