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An initiative by Dream a Difference to provide for and support underprivileged children in education aid /nutritious meal/medical support

Aditya Sharma was performing quite well during his primary education and continued to do so till he completed 10th standard. His passion and curiosity to learn persuaded his family to go for further education. However, post completion of 10th standard, he was compelled to sit at home for two months since the family did not have the tuition fee to pay to the school.

One of the major problems in our society for lower income families is their inability to support / provide for their children’s education. Due to this, many talented children like Aditya, who otherwise have an assured bright future, are unable to explore vast opportunities available for our youth.

Dream a Difference has taken a pledge to support this cause and got Aditya admitted into the school. After enrolling in 11th standard, Aditya has continued getting very good grades in the class and has also expanded his horizon by playing state level in Volley ball. He is now scheduled to go to National level and is expecting an even better performance in 12th standard.

Dream a Difference wishes him all the best for his future endeavors & will continue to support him and all such students.

How much difference a day makes! We Dream a Difference organized a day trip for a group of 40 differently abled to let them discover for themselves. Read on…

Disability stymies the sufferer from experiencing even the simple pleasures of life – each day a daunting task, each breath a constant reminder of how much they miss out. Witnessing their plight does make us realize how lucky we are.

The renowned philosopher and Nobel Laureate, Mr. Albert Schweitzer has said: “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” It is only by spreading this spark of life that we can bring a positive impact to the lives of several.

With this intent, we at Dream a Difference set out to organize a day trip for a group of 40 differently abled from the slums of Seelampuri.

For the day trip, the group was taken to Akshardham Temple and Indraprastha Park. Akshardham Temple in Delhi is one of the largest temples in the World, a modern reminiscence of the Indian culture, spirituality and architecture. Indraprastha Park is quite near to Akshardham temple and is one of the landmark and popular places in Delhi with breathtaking and natural surroundings.

The day trip began with the group, comprising children and few adults, assembling at one place. Our volunteers then escorted them for the bus trip to Akshardham temple, our first destination. The group was assisted with our team and a guide. The group was awestruck as the guide introduced the ornate pageant of elephants (the Gajendra Peeth) and the intricate carvings on the 25 ft high wall of the main monument called the Mandovar. Then the group proceeded towards the ‘Hall of Values’ where they watched an hour long film on the life journey of Lord Swaminarayan. This visit ended with a boat ride with the group sailing through India’s 10,000 years of rich spiritual and cultural history.

Thereafter, the group headed towards Indraprastha Park, where the group was served with refreshments. The park was abuzz with several people. Milling around Vishwa Shanti Stupa, the volunteers from our team chatted with the group discussing favorite actors and cricketers. As the sunset subsided, it was inspiring and fulfilling to see the smiles on the faces of each of the group members.

Dream a Difference is hopeful that this trip gives each of them a long-lasting zeal to strive to explore newer places and adventures. May this be the Patronus Charm to the Dementors of sadness they might ever encounter and encourage them to dream a difference and continue to discover the vibrancy of life.

A project aimed at supporting learning centers for children from marginalized communities

Reading is an important tool to introduce children to the world that surrounds them. Books not only serve as educational tools but also spark inspiration and independence. Inculcating and encouraging reading habits in children from a very early age is essential for their holistic development. Supplementing the reading habits with use of learning/educational toys further aid in development of cognitive skills in children.

Although an essential requirement, children from marginalized communities rarely have access to high quality reading or such early learning toys. Most of the remedial coaching centres are barely able to support the basic infrastructure and primary reading of the children and hence, welcome the resource support which can be provided to them.

About Project Book Nook:

Recognizing the importance of encouraging reading habits in children to foster and promote their overall development, Dream a Difference, intends to create literacy corners in the unorganized coaching /remedial centres located in Delhi. These educational corners would be stocked not only with books collected but also with various educational learning tools/toys and items of arts and crafts which would help the children to widen their horizons and be open to new learning and skills.

Get Involved:

Join us in our project “Book Nook” to enrich the lives of children by inculcating the habit of reading, writing and exposing them to the power of books.

In case you are interested to join our mission, please email our campaign representative at info@dreamadifference.org and we shall get in touch with you.