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Child Education Support Program: Aditya Sharma

A continuing commitment of Dream a Difference to support education of the under-privileged

Aditya Sharma, a bright student who has performed quite well in academics and sports. After clearing 10th standard, he suffered a temporary setback since his family was finding it difficult to meet the tuition fees for 11th Standard. In its continuing pledge to support education, Dream a Difference had relieved him and his family by providing support for his tuition fees.

However, upon clearing his 11th standard, it was a roadblock again for them to move ahead with his higher education. Realizing this, Dream a Difference has yet again stepped forward to assist Rahul for the tuition fees to enrolling in to 12th standard.

Dream a Difference hopes that Aditya gets to explore various opportunities and utilizes his talents to the fullest.

Wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors.


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