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Delhi is one of the biggest metropolises in the world with a population of around 18 million, but has a large population of lower income group which have to live in slums. These people are mostly unemployed or daily-wage workers who find it difficult to afford even the basic necessities of life.

On 16th May, 2017 a massive fire broke out in southeast Delhi’s Nizamuddin area, engulfing a number of shanties. Dream a Difference came to know about this and took the onus to serve for the cause. Our team visited the spot and witnessed several people homeless, bereft of any household items, clothes or food. Children with anxiety in their hearts were dawdling on the streets, while there were no visible signs of help from the Delhi government. No tents were erected and the helpless people were forced to survive under the sky, exposed to the scorching heat of summer.

Our team promptly jumped to action and arranged food, water, energy drinks and medicines for the victims. Our team also found that two children were suffering from high fever. An ambulance was immediately arranged for and they were admitted to RML hospital for proper treatment.

In such times, it is important that we as a society come together to provide all the help to the homeless and the destitute. Dream a Difference is committed to such causes and is always available for assisting the underprivileged community.

A continuing commitment of Dream a Difference to support education of the under-privileged

Aditya Sharma, a bright student who has performed quite well in academics and sports. After clearing 10th standard, he suffered a temporary setback since his family was finding it difficult to meet the tuition fees for 11th Standard. In its continuing pledge to support education, Dream a Difference had relieved him and his family by providing support for his tuition fees.

However, upon clearing his 11th standard, it was a roadblock again for them to move ahead with his higher education. Realizing this, Dream a Difference has yet again stepped forward to assist Rahul for the tuition fees to enrolling in to 12th standard.

Dream a Difference hopes that Aditya gets to explore various opportunities and utilizes his talents to the fullest.

Wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Due to widespread poverty, higher education in India is still a far-fetched dream for several deserving students. In our effort to contribute to this cause, Dream a Difference came across one such student.

Rahul cleared his 12th standard in May, 2016 with 80.6% and best four aggregate 86.25%. The youngest in his family of six, Rahul’s father sells tea in a small stall while his mother is a home-maker. Having a very small family income, his parents couldn’t even dream of maintaining the expenses of his higher studies.

An intelligent student, his report cards and strong opinion of his teachers stand testimony to the potential Rahul has. Rahul is the only one to be able study beyond Class 12th in his family. Since the time he was in class 8th, he has also been tutoring students of classes 4th to 9th to support his family’s meagre income. With his hard work and futuristic vision, he was able to clear the entrance examination for engineering. However, it was still not enough to gather sufficient funds for an admission into a good college to pursue his graduation.

Dream a Difference took the onus to support him in his endeavor and getting enrolled into college. Rahul is now admitted in Northern India Engineering College of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and is undertaking B. Tech in Electricals and Communications.

Rahul dreams to be successful in the field of IT. Dream a Difference wishes him all the best for his future plans and will continue to provide support to him and all such deserving students.