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Day Camp with children of Marajpur and Ramprashta Village

Dream a Difference team organized a day camp at a learning center running for 64 slum children aged between 4-8 years from Marajpur village, UP and Ramprasth Juggi. The parents of these children work as rickshaw pullers, rag pickers and fruit and vegetable hawkers and often times are unable to provide the necessary education or proper diet for their children. The learning center provides regular classes to these children to prepare them to be mainstreamed to a MCD/Government school as well as to provide remedial classes so that they don’t drop out from these schools. This also ensures that while the parents are out to work for the daily living of the family, the children do not fall in nefarious company.

Our team as part of the day camp interacted with the children, disseminating relevant information to the children to inculcate the importance of education for their future and their families. Healthy-food packets were also distributed to the children along with participation in the lessons imparted for the day.


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