Project Book Nook

A project aimed at supporting learning centers for children from marginalized communities

Reading is an important tool to introduce children to the world that surrounds them. Books not only serve as educational tools but also spark inspiration and independence. Inculcating and encouraging reading habits in children from a very early age is essential for their holistic development. Supplementing the reading habits with use of learning/educational toys further aid in development of cognitive skills in children.

Although an essential requirement, children from marginalized communities rarely have access to high quality reading or such early learning toys. Most of the remedial coaching centres are barely able to support the basic infrastructure and primary reading of the children and hence, welcome the resource support which can be provided to them.

About Project Book Nook:

Recognizing the importance of encouraging reading habits in children to foster and promote their overall development, Dream a Difference, intends to create literacy corners in the unorganized coaching /remedial centres located in Delhi. These educational corners would be stocked not only with books collected but also with various educational learning tools/toys and items of arts and crafts which would help the children to widen their horizons and be open to new learning and skills.

Get Involved:

Join us in our project “Book Nook” to enrich the lives of children by inculcating the habit of reading, writing and exposing them to the power of books.

In case you are interested to join our mission, please email our campaign representative at and we shall get in touch with you.